Permanent Welded Jewellery & Piercing

We offer these exciting jewellery services by appointment in both our Nenagh & Ennis Stores

Using only the very finest equipment we are delighted to offer our customers professional welded permanent jewellery & outer ear piercing


The clue is in the name…

Welded jewellery is simply that. Welded! In place of the classic clasp, a piece of permanent jewellery is closed by welding the link of the chain together or welding a jump ring closed.

Quick, Easy & Painless

Chain & Charms to Love Forever

Choose Your Chain

Choose from Solid 14kt Gold Chain or 14kt Solid White Gold

Only Solid 14kt is suitable for charms, Solid is our most recommended option as its high pure gold content will keep it's luster and shine permanently .

Choose Your Charm

Choose from our range of solid 14kt Gold & Precious Gemstone Charms.

2 Year Warranty

Tadgh O'Flynn Jewellery offer a 14 Days guarantee & 2 year warranty on your welded bracelet. As these bracelets are permanent, breakages should not occur but also for safety reasons they are designed to break if the bracelets are caught or excessively pulled on.

Breaks within 14 Days :

Should your bracelet break within 14 Days Repair / Replacement is complimentary.

Breaks after 14 Days and under two years:

Should your bracelet break at the inserted jump ring and the condition of the bracelet is still intact we can re-weld the jump ring complimentary.

If the bracelet has broke along the chain (not where the jump ring has been welded) our goldsmiths will assess the chain and will either repair the break or if the bracelet is deemed to be damaged due to a pull or snag offer a new bracelet at a discounted price.

If your bracelet/ charms are lost we will offer you a discounted price of replacement.

We ask you treat your welded piece with love and care - as it is crafted from precious mental and tho very durable it is not indestructible and if caught with force / snagged it may break.

Your warranty is validated by the certificate of authenticity provided with your welded bracelet upon purchase and is valid for two years from the date displayed on this certificate.

FAQ @ Welded Jewellery

Layer your Ear Accessories

Ear Piercing

We offer Outer Ear Piercing By Appointment In Store

Using a pressure tool we provide the most gentle safe peircing service in both our stores

FAQ @ Piercing

To Adore Permanently

Forever Bracelets, 14kt Gold for quality learn all about the bracelet you'll never want to take off!

To Adore Permanently

Forever Bracelets, 14kt Gold for quality learn all about the bracelet you'll never want to take off!